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Fayum Woman

If you have an interest in antiquities and ancient art, you will be fascinated to learn of these splendid 2,000 year old portraits that were discovered in 1887 in a vast cemetery 150 miles south of Alexandria, Egypt.  Over 1,000 portraits from the region have now been excavated, and they are astoundingly lifelike.

But more than being lifelike, the portraits span time.  Their subjects lived 2 millenia ago, but they look like they could have passed us on the street just yesterday.

Fayum man

I find this ancient to be a curious cross between Mel Gibson and Prince Charles.  Not to say those two look anything alike, but this gentleman somehow seems to embody both.

Click on either of the two images in this post to read the Smithsonian Magazine article and see more marvelous portraits.


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